Application for new club membership

  • It is vitally important that everyone involved in weightlifting in Wales is aware of their duty to safeguard the interest of young people participating in the sport. It is extremely important that all affiliated clubs sign up to the WW Safeguarding policy. Please sign below to confirm you have read and understand your responsibilities.

    Read our Policy here

  • You must appoint 2 welfare officers at your club/centre, one male and one female)

  • All welfare officers must be DBS enhanced checked and hold a current Safeguarding certificate. If you require help and guidance on this please contact our main office
  • Participation Questionnaire

  • We are trying to establish the total amount of people involved in Weightlifting activities at your club and therefore a total at all affiliated clubs throughout Wales. Weightlifting activities include competitive lifters, people lifting in Crossfit WOD’s, people performing lifting exercises for Sports Conditioning etc (Please include anyone in your gym you lifts).
  • 1. Number of lifters in club
  • U17U20U23Senior 
  • U17U20U23Senior 
  • 2. Number of Coaches you have completed the following awards
  • WW WorkshopBWL Level 1BWL Level 2 
  • WW WorkshopBWL Level 1BWL Level 2 
  • Price: £ 50.00
  • £ 0.00
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