What is Anti-Doping?

Anti-doping is the process of keeping sport clean and aims to protect clean athletes as well as the integrity of sport itself. UK Anti-doping (UKAD) are the national governing body for anti-doping in the United Kingdom. UKAD work to create a level playing field through not only carrying out drug tests in sport, but educating athletes about anti-doping and promoting the ethos of clean sport. UKAD also ensure that UK governing bodies comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s rules (WADA).

100% me is UK Anti-Doping’s prevention programme and is designed to help athletes throughout their sporting journey. 100% me supports, informs and educates athletes throughout their careers by providing anti-doping advice and guidance. Find out about 100% me in the dedicated Athlete Zone of the UK Anti-Doping website at or on the UKAD website:


What you need to know:

Once you start participating in Weightlifting and competing, you must make yourself aware of all the UK anti-doping rules and ensure you comply fully with each one. Anyone who is competing could be drug tested. Strict liability applies to all competitors and this means whatever goes into your body is your responsibility . If you are a parent or coach, the links below can help you advise your children/athletes.

UKAD’s summary of 2021 Major Changes to WADA Code

Below are all of the UKAD Rule Violations:

An up to date list of banned substances can be found at the link below (list updated every year):

Athlete Prohibited Update 2020

Athlete Support Personnel Update 2020

WADA Prohibited List 2020

WADA Prohibited List 2021 

If you use medication, whether it is long-term or short-term, prescription or over the counter, then you are responsible for checking if it contains a prohibited substance or not. You can use the website  GlobalDro to check whether your medication contains any banned substances. It is also recommended that you regularly check medications as the ingredients may change, and each year the banned list is updated. GlobalDro only gives information about medication and NOT supplementation.


UKAD Advice on Medication


What if my medication contains a banned substance?

If you are taking a prescribed medication and you find that it does contain a banned substance either in or out of competition, you MUST inform your National Governing Body (Weightlifting Wales) and then apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption Form (TUE). For all you need to know about TUE’s click below:

Therapeutic Use Exemption Form information


Issues with supplements include contamination of a banned substance during the manufacturing process or misleading information on labels. It is strongly advised that you only use supplements from reputable companies which are certified with Informed Sport as supplements with this certification are batch tested for the contamination of banned substances.

Find out more about Informed Sport

Check if your supplement is certified

Find out more about medication and supplementation

Getting more information:

  • UK anti-doping web page:   
  • World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) website,
  • Informed Sport Education: 
  • You can download the Clean Sport App onto your smartphone (via Google Play and iTunes)
  • Visit 100% Me website or Athlete Zone section on the UKAD website to learn more about your responsibilities of being a clean athlete.

If you suspect foul-play through doping, you can report this behaviour anonymously to someone independent from UKAD on a 24/7 line: 08000 32 23 32. For more information on reporting doping or advice on how to help protect sport in the UK, visit:


Anti-Doping Education Strategy document

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