Changes coming to Weightlifting Wales Membership

Changes coming to Weightlifting Wales Membership

Weightlifting Wales in partnership with British Weight Lifting, will soon have in place a combined membership platform for Welsh members.

What this means for you:

  • Members and Clubs will only have to purchase one membership. A joint membership providing affiliation and the benefits of both organisations
  • A joint membership will be more affordable than purchasing two standalone memberships
  • Members will gain the benefits that all BWL members currently receive, such as member insurance cover and discounts. More information can be found here:
  • Benefits to being a licensed club are outlined here:
  • Clubs and Members will still receive the same support through Weightlifting Wales
  • Weightlifting Wales will also be moving all competition entries over to the BARS system, all Welsh events will be included in the national ranking and therefore qualification for events and national records will be recorded and recognised by BWL

What you need to do: 

  • If you are currently a BWL and WW member, your membership will be transferred to a joint membership by BWL, and you do not need to do anything until your BWL membership expires
  • If you are not a BWL member currently, then you will need to go to the BWL website, click on Memberships, and become a joint member, by selecting Wales as your region during the membership sign up process
  • The same applies to clubs; clubs currently affiliated to WW only will also need register with BWL to become a Licensed club for both WW and BWL (Clubs already registered with BWL do not need to do anything until their membership with BWL expires)

IMPORTANT: to gain a joint membership, you must select your region as WALES in the sign-up process. If you do not select Wales as your region, you will only gain a BWL membership, and not a joint membership. You must have a joint membership in place to lift in Welsh competitions, hold any Welsh records, or to be eligible to be selected to lift for Wales internationally.

Changes will take place as of 16th December 2019.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Weightlifting Wales team.