Lifting League Round one Results

Lifting League Round one Results

The league is organised by Weightlifting Wales Affiliated clubs. With an emphasis on social lifting, enjoyment and introducing new lifters to competition.

Round One Results

Formula for results

Male calculated with: IWF Sinclair

Female calculated with: IWF Sinclair x WW Male/Female Ratio

WW Male/Female Ratio is based on the results from the Welsh Seniors and re-calculated every year. It is the difference between Average Male and Average Female Sinclair’s, not including GB standard lifters.


Affiliated clubs – Please organise round two before end of June

New teams – Please download entry form, League notes and submit to

League Notes   Entry Form  

There is no cost to enter a team in the league, the league is open to all ages and abilities and there can be any combination of males and females in the team.