May and June Internationals

May and June Internationals

Women’s Grand Prix

In May, top female lifters from around Europe will gather to compete in this performance level competition, The Women’s Grand Prix, Austria.

14th May – 17th May

Selected lifters are:-

Stephanie Owens, Tiffany Brannan, Hannah Powell (Team Guest)

Coach: Calum Stronach

Junior Battle

With continued support from Sport Wales during this 2015 -2019 cycle, Weightlifting Wales has been able to select a larger amount of lifters whom will represent their Nation in June at the Junior Battle, Austria.

4th June – 7th June

Selected lifters are:-

U17: Ellie Pryor, Chloe Hood, Taylor Addicot, Leah Timms, Rhodri Beynon, Alex John, Andrew Williams

U20: Naomi Pearce, Anita Madan, Cieran Rippin, Gwilym Pari, Sam Henderson

U23: Christie Williams, Philip Eaton, Adam Tossell, Alex Evans

Coaching staff: Ray Williams, Simon Roach, Tiffany Brannan, Lucy Phillips