Records fall at the Welsh Senior Championships

Records fall at the Welsh Senior Championships


On 21st January 2018, Weightlifting Wales held the first event of the calendar year and the final National Championships before the Commonwealth Games being held in the Gold Coast, Australia from 4th April.

The championships saw four Powerlifters and 25 Weightlifters competing to win national titles. Welsh records were broken from the first group through to the last group of the day, with junior lifter Harry Thomas starting the record breaking performances with a new Welsh record of 63kg Bench Press at 59kg bodyweight in the Para-Powerlifting competition, followed by Nathan Stephen’s new Welsh record of 141kg Bench Press in the 72kg Category. Nerys Pearce broke the Welsh record in Bench press for the 73kg category with a 75kg Bench Press. Mathew Williams also increased his competition personal best with a 74kg bench press in the up to 72kg category. Nerys and Nathan are both part of the Commonwealth team.

In the Weightlifting event, Bethan Roberts 48kg had a strong performance after coming back from some injuries last year with a total of 105kg. Catrin Jones broke her own record with a 90kg Clean and Jerk in the 53kg class, breaking the under 20’s, under 23’s and the senior record all in one, Catrin is also heading out to the Gold Coast in March. The 58kgs class saw a competitive battle for gold with Daisy Melhuish securing the gold with a 156kg total. Bethan Watkins took the gold in the 63kg category with a 132kg total. Commonwealth Games team member Faye Pittman took the gold in the 69kg category with a 187kg total overall. Chloe Hood broke the 75kg under 17’s records with a 68kg Snatch, 80kg Clean and Jerk and a 148kg overall total, but Commonwealth Games team member Tayla Howe took the gold in the same category whilst also breaking the 75kg under 23’s records in the Snatch with 88kg, Clean and Jerk with 107kg and the overall total record of 195kg.

Seth Casidsid competed in preparation for the Commonwealth Games and finished with a 195kg category in the 62kg class, fellow Commonwealth Games teammate Gareth Evans won gold in the 69kg class with a 286kg total narrowly missing his new welsh record attempt of 131kg in the Snatch and 164kg in the Clean and Jerk, with silver medallist Mikey Farmer breaking the 69kg under 23’s and under 20’s records with a 113kg Snatch and a 240kg overall total. Jordan Purcell finished with a 247kg total and gold in the 77kg class, David Lewis finished with a 245kg total and a gold medal at 85kg. At 105kg, the gold medalist Laurent Camps finished with a 307kg total, and at 105kg+, Rhodri West, another Commonwealth Games team, member finished with a 290kg total and gold medal.

The overall weekend was a success and the crowd of supporters were witness to some fantastic Weightlifting in each group. A huge thank you to the loaders, officials, all the volunteers and staff who helped the day run smoothly.

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