Weightlifting Wales is committed to Safeguarding young people participating in the sport, it is therefore vital that everyone involved in Weightlifting Wales is aware of their duty to safeguard the interest of young people. Providing support through coach education, Sport Wales funding guidance, contact with Regional Development Officers and information supplied on our website, we aim to continue the good work being carried out at affiliated centres and within our workforce.

Young People in Sport

Sport should be a fun, enjoyable and safe part of every participant’s life. You should be able to trust the people in your Weightlifting environment. If something is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, then it is important that you tell somebody who you trust, such as a parent or guardian/other family member, a coach, a club welfare officer, or someone at school. If you attend a Weightlifting Wales affiliated club, there should be a poster with the contact details of the two assigned Welfare Officers. If you can’t find it, you can ask the people in charge of the gym or email for the details.

For more information about what to look out for, and who to talk to if you are worried or upset, click here

Please see below for useful contacts regarding the welfare of children, a link to our Safeguarding Policy, and links to other pages that contain important Safeguarding information.

Main Contacts:

Weightlifting Wales Welfare and Safeguarding Officers:

Simon Roach Email:

Hannah Powell Email:

Childline number: 0800 1111

Link to Policies and Safeguarding documents:
Coaches and officials MUST have valid licenses issued through BWL in order to coach/official at and have access to competitive areas of a competition venue.

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