Weightlifting Wales Equality Work

Weightlifting Wales Equality Work

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Weightlifting Wales are on a mission to reach Preliminary level in Equality, after reaching Foundation level earlier this year (to view the Monitoring form for the March 2020 submission, click here), whilst also making a conscious effort to embed equality values throughout the organisation.

We need to understand what our membership, staff, and volunteer make-up is, and to do so we are asking everyone involved with the organisation to complete a very quick survey, to provide us with data that we can use to help shape WW’s equality action plan moving forward.

The survey will collect information anonymously and data will be shared with Inside Inclusion as they support us through reaching the next level of equality, we will share the information with Sport Wales and the membership as an update on the work the organisation is carrying out in this area in early 2021.

We would very much appreciate you taking one or two moments to help us with this by completing our survey by 30th October 2020. If you have any questions about this, please contact hannah.powell@weightlifting.wales.

Please select the category most relevant to your type of association with Weightlifting Wales.

Age 17 and under Member survey

Age 18 and over Member survey

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